AT RESURGENT SOUND WE BELIEVE IN FAMILY. We believe that artists work should be celebrated. We know it doesn’t all look the same, act the same, sound the same — nor would we want it to…Where’s the fun in that?

we’re here to champion the vision you carry, and we’re here to see it through. We believe in community over competition, in purity over perfection. let’s make some noise.

our mission


No Ownership. No Royalties. No secrets. 
ONE DAY. ONE RECORD. Everyone happy.

It is that simple.


We’re here to provide a world class, honest record at a price the artist can actually afford. Every project is different and we customize packages to your specific needs. You’ll never give up ownership of your music. Submit an inquiry to get a quote (one that is 80-90% less costly than anywhere else).  

Your selected recording method will determine the course of the day. Generally, it begins with a 1.5 hr set up, transforming the environment of your choosing. We line check your band and get your levels set. The next several hours are spent capturing your songs, allowing you and the band to hear the mixes and takes along the way! Most full length live albums are tracked within 4 hours. 

Once we have successfully captured your album, you get to relax. We mix, master, and finalize the album! You’ll have a completely mixed and mastered project before we pack up and head out to the next city. 

We have created an innovative process that involved a little magic and a lot of trial and error. We have leveraged a team of award winning artists, producers, engineers and techs; together creating systems and templates that empower us to accomplish something that is both powerful and authentic.