SCotland Here We Come!! September 2020!! 

PAYMENT PLANS STARTING AS LOW AS $99 PER MONTH! *airfare not included 

Gather. Create. Connect. Empower. 

Its official! We are so stoked to announce our 3rd annual Resurgent Artist Reunion. This year we will be VERY different and quite special. We are partnering with our dear friend Ray Hughes and taking the Resurgent Fam to SCOTLAND!! We will kick off with 3 days of close knit community, training, encouragement & empowerment. Doing life together around the table of friendship & family in a literal European Castle. From there we will venture out on a 10 day tour of all of Scotland led by Ray and Denise Hughes!

For the first 3 days we will eat together, laugh together, worship & create together with teaching & training sessions from amazing leaders, artists, and creative minds who are active and making a major impact in the earth through music, artistry & creativity. We will also have our Resurgent House Band made up of world class musicians who are or have been a part of Bethel Music, Need to Breath, Colony House, Jesus Culture & beyond. Set up in a "home" studio to collaboratively produce, record, mix & master new EP's & full length albums for the first few artists to be accepted. 

For the 2nd part we will embark on a life changing adventure to explore and discover the rich history and lavish lands of Scotland. Ray and Denise have given much of thier lives to study the wealth of history that these lands have to offer. We consider it an honor to partner with them in this way as they lead us on a journey that we believe will be truly life changing.

Hope to see you there!

- Micheal Miller

3 Day Artist Reunion & Recording Retreat (Skip Tour) From $995

Choose to record or just attend!! For artists and locals who want to join us for 3 days of community and connection with the global worship tribe without continuing on for the 10 day tour with Ray.

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Want to secure your spot but cant pay in full upfront? Thats OK! we got you covered with monthly payment plans starting as low as $99/mo. Make your deposit here to secure your spot and we will contact you directly to set up your payment arrangements. *Deposit is non refundable includes 3% credit convenience fee

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10 Day Tour With Ray Hughes (Skip The Retreat) From $2950

This package is for the folks that do not wish to attend the 4 day artist reunion & recording retreat leading up to the tour. The tour is led by Ray Hughes Click image to view package details!

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10 Day Tour + Artist Reunion/Retreat (Non Recording) From $3950

This package is for artists to attend and enjoy the full benefits of the 3 day all inclusive reunion/recording + 10 day tour with Ray Hughes. Click image for full details.

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10 Day Tour + Artist Reunion/Retreat (Recording Artists) From $7950

This package is for artists to attend the 3 day all inclusive reunion/recording retreat with an EP produced and played by Resurgent House Band + 10 day tour with Ray Hughes. Click image for full details.

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