Our Pricing Model 

Flat Price. No Ownership. No Royalties. No Fluff. 


Our pricing model is designed to provide a world class and honest record but at a price that the artist can actually afford. Every project is different and we customize your package to you specific needs. You will receive a flat, fair, and clear price that is all inclusive and does not require you to give up ownership of your music. Although its not always a one price fits all structure we can say that our "top" or most "expensive" options still come in at 80-90% LESS expensive than what you would get anywhere else. To get a free quote contact us by submitting an inquiry form and we will be in touch!  

Our Process

One Day. One Record. One Happy Artist. 


Depending on your selected recording method will determine the coarse of the day. Our day generally starts with a 1.5 hour set up where we transform the environment of your choosing into a professional recording environment, line checking your band, and getting your in ear levels set.  

From there we spend the next several hours capturing your songs allowing you and the band to hear the mixes and takes along the way. We can track most full length live albums within 4 hours. 

After we have successfully captured your album you take a break while we do the rest. Mixing, Mastering, and finalizing your album! Thats right we will have a completely mixed and mastered complete project before we pack up and head out to the next city. 

really a full album in a day!? 

Yes, really. We have created an innovative process that involved a little magic and a lot of trial and error. We have leveraged a team of award winning artists, producers, engineers & techs together creating systems and templates that empower us to accomplish something that is both beautiful and authentic. 


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