2ND ANNUAL Resurgent Artist reunion & Recording Retreat august 14th - 16th 2019 | nashville, tn 


Gather. Create. Connect. Empower. 

Its official! We are so stoked to announce our 2nd annual Resurgent Artist Reunion. This year we will be in Nashville, TN in a beautiful estate. 3 days of close knit community, training, encouragement & empowerment. Doing life together around the table of friendship & family in this literal luxury mansion. We want to cultivate a global community and connect you with other like minded kingdom influencers all while recording and releasing new EP's.

For 3 days we will eat together, laugh together, worship & create together with teaching & training sessions from amazing leaders, artists, and creative minds who are active and making a major impact in the earth through music, artistry & creativity. Although there will be LOTS of worship and SOME teaching the focus is really more on family. We will BBQ & play volleyball and just simply do life. But dont worry if you are looking for an intensive, you will get your fill on the last day session! 

We will also have our Resurgent House Band made up of world class musicians who are or have been a part of Bethel Music, Need to Breath, Colony House, Jesus Culture & beyond. Set up in a "home" studio to collaboratively produce, record, mix & master new EP's & full length albums for the first few artists to be accepted.   


Because of the response we have received we will be accepting applications for the weekend and our team will make selections based on prayerful consideration. There is a $39 non-refundable application fee that will be applied to your total package balance if approved. Anyone can apply but but not all applications can or will be accepted. 

There will be several package types to meet your schedule and budget! All payment plans are listed as examples. Custom plans available to meet your needs! 

1. All Inclusive Recording Artist Package - SOLD OUT

  • All Meals - We love to eat, so quality meals are a non negotiable for us! We trust you will find our menu of home cooked & catered meals will exceed your taste bud's expectations and are included in your package.

  • Housing & Accommodations - Only select artists will receive a luxurious and exclusive private suite with bathroom as well as access to all the properties amenities.

  • Transportation - Once you arrive there will be no need to have any additional transportation as we will provide everything you need for a comfortable stay in the community house. You will be responsible to get yourself to and from the destination on check in/out days but a rental car will likely not be necessary unless you choose as Uber is readily available.

  • Teaching & Training - We will have sessions dedicated to empower you as an artist, leader, creative, and most of all sons and daughters. This will be unlike any conference, gathering, or training you've ever been to as we aim to dismantle the cultural norms, tear down "celebrity christianity" and get back to the table of connection. These sessions will be led by leaders, artists, and creative minds that are actively impacting the earth in a major way through their own spheres of influence.

  • Song Showcase & Encouragement - There will be several opportunities to showcase songs while receiving feedback and encouragement from peers, leaders and trusted prophetic voices.

  • Pre Production Calls - To maximize the impact of your EP an optional one on one pre production and Skype or phone call coaching from one of our pro level producers/artists is included. You will submit your songs and we will create references, coach arrangements, and be fully prepared with parts to present & record on site.

  • Pro Level House Band & Live Production Collaboration - This very well may be the biggest value add to the entire retreat. We have the Resurgent Family Band whom we believe to be some of the best session, touring, and studio musicians from both the modern worship movement as well as mainstream bands. You will get 3 hours in addition to pre production to collaboratively produce 3 songs in real time with these incredible artists. They will challenge, grow, and expand the boundaries of your musical abilities and together you will produce and capture an EP that will exceed your wildest expectations.

  • Mixed & Mastered Live EP - Just like our standard recording process on the road or in studio, with our house band you will produce and capture in real time an honest live recording. This is limited to 4 songs max to ensure you receive the most thorough collaboration and input on the songs. This will include a digital copy of your mixed & mastered EP as well as all the session files from your session to which you have 100% ownership.

  • Post Production Remix - We will leave you with a mix that we are proud of but there is always a chance after days of listening back that you wish you could tweak that one little thing. No worries, included in your package is an optional remix of your EP. You send us notes, we go over it again with your notes and a fresh set of ears. We want to make sure your product and experience is world class end to end.

  • VIP Promo & All Access - Lastly you will receive VIP access to Saturday Imagine School open to the public including special recognition/promotion both in printed materials as well as a new artist booth where you can sell merch and meet other artists.

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2. Additional Recording Artist All Inclusive - SOLD OUT

  • For those who are brining an additional artist and/or spouse that will be a part of the same project we have created a rate to add an individual to your all inclusive experience. They are not required to participate on your EP to take advantage of the all inclusive package. These individuals must be able to sleep in your suite either shared bed (King) or blowup bed option.

3. Bunk Room All Inclusive No EP - $899 or $50/mo with $400 down

This package is for those who want to come and participate in all the group sessions, live in community experience, and sit in on recording sessions. You will receive all the benefits and feature of the all inclusive artist package just without all the frills. You will be given a bed or sofa pullout bed in a gender specific shared bunk room & shared bathroom. You will still have 100% access to all the property amenities and gatherings. This package also does not include the production and/or recording of your EP although you will be able to sit in on other artist sessions. 

Imagine School of Creativity, Innovation, & Worship 17th & 18th (INCLUDED IN PACKAGES)

$249 (For 17th & 18th ONLY)

Classes May Include:

Creativity In Business - Creativity In The Marketplace

Musicians & The Band - Learning To Play Beyond Yourself

Song Writing - Melodies, Lyrics, Hooks and More

Prophetic Art - Translating God onto canvas

Writers & Poets - Poetry that moves the heart

Video/Photo - Capturing the shot!

Mixing & Engineering - Leading From The Soundboard

Digital Arts/Design - Leading In a Digital Age

Cooking & Community - Creativity In The Kitchen

More To Come!

Click "Apply Now" button to get your application in! Applications will be open until capacity is reached and all applications are reviewed on a first come first serve basis. If you have questions prior to applying please email us at contact@resurgentsound.com