resurgent X Re:defined

w/ jake hamilton

This is an exclusive page for artist from Dallas area and Re:Defined coffee house family who are looking to produce, record, mix, master & release an album. We have created a special partnership with Jake Hamilton & Re:Defined that is both deeply discounted but also includes 1 on 1 pre-production coaching and on site production support for your project with Jake Hamilton. Here is all the information you will need to know about recording your project with Resurgent X Re:Defined with Jake Hamilton.

Jake Hamilton - Songwriter, Producer, & Recording Artist.

Jake Hamilton - Songwriter, Producer, & Recording Artist.

Whats Included? 

Our pricing model is unlike any other. Get your special Re:Defined package and feel free to ask around! We know you'll find that we are pennies on the dollar of what a normal record may cost! 

The Re:Defined Package Price is $5995 and Includes: 

1. All travel & accommodations for our team in Dallas as well as Jake Hamilton.
2. Engineer & On site production coaching from Jake.
3. Pre production notes and Skype call with the producer (Jake Hamilton) to work through songs.
4. 8-10 hrs including set up, sound check/rehearsals, tracking, production coaching, mixing, mastering, & tear down.
5. A finished full length (10 song max) album with thumb drive with your mastered tracks AND all the session files.
6. 100% complete ownership of their digital masters & session files. 

SPECIAL OPTION: Release your album at Re:Defined live worship night by opening for another influential artist with acoustic versions of your songs! (subject to availability and further coordination) 

**Additionally you will be added to our catalog of songs that gets "shopped" and reviewed by some of the industries biggest and most influential publishers, artists, labels, & distributors for even more visibility.  


Record live in your own city! With everything included above but we will bring our studio to YOU! If you prefer the live in your city option make sure to let us know in the notes section of your application!

We believe that the next wave of worship wont be held by the mega platforms only but instead will be birthed in living rooms, sanctuaries & cities all over the world. The value system is changing and now is the time for The Church to get her voice back. Become a voice not an echo. Now is the time for YOUR songs to be heard.

We are the platform for “everybody else”
— Micheal Miller | President & CEO of Resurgent Sound