Q: Who will be on site for my project
A: 2-3 from our team of world class engineers, techs, producers, and managers.

Q: What is the pricing? 
A: Every project is a little different but the total cost is less than 20% of what a standard project would normally cost. To get more information and no obligation pricing for your project submit a request at resurgentsound.com

Q: Do you offer payment plans? 

A: YES! submit a request and we can go over our many payment options with you! Although we do have to ensure all projects are paid in full, our desire is that price would not prevent your voice from being heard. 

Q: What is the quality like? 
A: The quality is world class and the mix is completely honest. We mean that sincerely as we have invested not only in the top of the line equipment for your project but we have the industry leading engineers, producers, and voices working with us to ensure you get a sound that would compete with any professional venue or environment. 

Q: Can I hear what you've done? 
A: Yes if you click the experience page to check out our youtube channel. It will take you to a couple of clips of our last project along with video. We invite the artist on every project to be a part of the mixing process so you can produce the sound that you desire to hear! 

Q: How many people should be there and does it have to be live? 
A: Live recording is more indicative of the process by which the recording happens then it is by a certain number of individuals in the room. Most records are done without an audience to ensure the best capture of the live album. To learn more about the process and the options complete a contact form and we will be in touch! 

Q: What if me or my band aren't ready yet?
A: Make sure you submit a form so that we can work to determine if there is a future space that would work for you. We are often booked out far into the future so starting the conversation now is recommended.

For more info or questions fill out a request on the website or by clicking the button below and we will be in touch!